River City Film Festival


Got an itch to be the next big director? Then go make a movie and send it in! We'll pick the best submissions and show them on the big screen.


The first annual River City Film Festival was a tremendous success! A HUGE thank you to all the filmmakers that participated, everyone who came out to the show, and our excellent crew and volunteers.

2006 Winners | 2006 Keynote Speaker


The Second Annual Colony Film Festival (formerly the River City Film Festival) is a showcase for independent films from all over the country, including local talent. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker or just a movie fan, you won’t want to miss this event. And with all proceeds benefiting restoration of the Colony Theatre, you’ll be investing in the future of independent cinema in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Under Jewish tradition a young boy becomes a Bar Mitzvah at age thirteen. This event is often celebrated with a big party for friends and family.

On a "going green" note: Our couple friend from Massachusetts - John and Diedra - just installed solar panels on their house and are absolutely loving it. When we visited last June, we were able to observe their electric meter spinning backwards and saw online the solar energy that was being generated from the panels. Pretty cool. I wish the Ohio was has solar-friendly has Massachusetts.


Films may be submitted for the following categories:

  • Short Films, Full Length
  • Documentaries
  • Animated (3D, Traditional)
Films may be submitted in the following classes:
  • Professional
  • Amateur
  • Student